Providing resources for success to communities in Oromia

We envision a world where every person has access to critical needs such as education, healthcare, and clean water.

Give the gift of a better future


Our Mission is to empower youth in Oromia and create a lasting change in their lives and their communities.

Many communities in Oromia, especially those in rural areas lack basic needs that help improve one’s quality of life. The Jara & Jiru Foundation’s mission is to remove these barriers and invest in the lives of youth by providing a supportive environment and resources they need to reach their potential. 

We partner with various organizations and individuals who share our vision to ensure that we can reach more communities and families across Oromia. If you are an organization, business, or individual philanthropist interested in partnering with the Jara & Jiru Foundation please click the button below and send us a message.

Join us in our mission to empower youth in Oromia to create a lasting change in their own lives and communities.

“Furtu Faya: Transform Lives, Donate Today to Bring Healthcare and Hope to the Oromia Region”

Watch Our Work with Project C.U.R.E

On April 9, 2024 the Jara & Jiru Foundation in partnership with Project C.U.R.E shipped two 40 foot containers full of medical supplies and equipment to 5 clinics in the Dodola area of Oromia, Ethiopia
A team of volunteers delivering essential items to those in need in Dodola, Ethiopia. The volunteers are seen distributing food, school supplies and other necessities to families in the community. The team, led by group leader Ibsa Lole, is seen working together to make sure that everyone in need receives the help they require.


The Jara & Jiru Foundation is growing rapidly due to its collaboration and partnerships with other humanitarian organizations, businesses, groups & individuals from the communities across America and Ethiopia.

Our 2023 impact in numbers


Delivered two 40 foot containers full of medical supplies and equipment to Oromia region.


The money raised from community members, family, and sponsors to cover the cost of logistics to send medical containers to Oromia.


The number of beneficiary hospitals and clinics.

How You Can Help

Becoming a member of the Jara & Jiru Foundation is an easy way to  support us continuing

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation which is tax deductible.

Your gift will help equip a student in need with necessary resources. You can make a difference today by contacting us about the student you want to sponsor. Check the Furtu Barnoota project for the list of schools we are working with.

Future goals and plans

Restore existing schools that are struggling to maintain old structures

Build community learning centers/libraries

Continue the Furtu “key” project to include more computers, clean water, feminine hygiene, other basic health items, and more.

Deliver medical supplies and other basic health items to community clinics